About H&H Construction LLC.

H & H Construction featured on Fix It And Finish It.   H & H Construction LLC. is a fire and water damage restoration company, that focuses on high quality work and solid, ongoing relationships with our clients. The company is engaged in the restoration and reconstruction of residential and commercial structures that have experienced fire or water damage catastrophes. With over 65 years of experience in the insurance industry, we bring a wide range of distinctive qualities that set us apart from other companies. From our first telephone interaction to the final completion of the project, we will keep the lines ...

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An Integrated Approach

H & H Construction provides integrated services that connect our in house staff with specialty trades, engineers, architects and other professionals. We manage every aspect of the reconstruction process required to rebuild and restore your operation. Our team members and their holistic approach to reconstruction translate to speed. Our speed translates to mitigation of damage and expedience in putting you back in your property. H &H has over 65 years of ...

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Expert Services

24 Hour Emergency Response Site Containment / Temporary Shoring  Intrusive Investigation / Selective Demolition Emergency Power Full Scale Carpentry Complete Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Complete Exterior Envelope Reconstruction Construction Defect Reconstruction All Roofing Configurations Interior Build Out and Finishes Complex Installation and Interior Finishes High-rise Reconstruction and Restoration

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