Good Morning Alec & Bo,


Nita and I have been enjoying our new space so much and we just remembered we have not personally thanked you guys. What you and your team did for us was way more than just a renovation, it was a life changer! We have been grinding it out for so long with no place to relax until I think we’d almost forgotten how…until now.

Every time we enter our home we smile and thank God for bringing all of you together to do this incredible thing for us; we will never forget you, Beau and the whole team!

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We actually schedule time off to enjoy our new LIVING room. This new space has given us the boost we needed to keep moving toward our next level of renovation.

As a small token of our appreciation, Nita and I (Little Red Cupcake) would like to deliver some “Little Red Cupcake” yummy goodness to your office on Tuesday morning around 10:00 AM. If you could email us a list of the subcontractors you used, we would like to contact them as well.


Thank you and God bless,

Nita & Fred Johnson
Little Red Cupcake Gourmet Cupcakery
phone:334-202-1397 or 334-202-2917