Water damage to your home is devastating, posing a serious threat to building components, interior furnishings and precious belongings.  If not treated promptly, it may also eventually affect the health of residents. The result can be costly repairs and replacement and the associated emotional trauma.


At H & H Construction, we are experience in the repair and replacement process following flood or water damage to your home or commercial property.


Rebuilding part of your home instead of constructing one from the ground up is a very different skill-set.  Building materials, design and finishes all have to be matched to the remaining structure.  Moisture in remaining building components may need to be addressed.  H & H Construction has successfully rebuilt thousands of storm-damaged households through the years.



Even though the damage may look severe, restoration and repair can produce amazing results.  H & H has successfully restored and repaired thousands of homes and commercial properties. From a small dry wall patch and paint to a complete demolition and rebuild, we are equipped with the resources and expertise to handle any job.


If you’ve experienced flood or water damage at your home, call the experts at H & H Construction.